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Construction Financing for Animal Hospitals: Overview

Real estate is one of the largest expenses in establishing or expanding a veterinary practice.

When it comes to construction financing, Meridian Veterinary Real Estate is uniquely qualified to help by providing up to 100% of the capital required for real estate acquisition or development, as well as required loan guarantees required by construction lenders.

Whether you’re:

  • Opening your first practice or scaling from a single location to multiple offices
  • Considering buying a building or wish to sell one and lease it back
  • Building a new facility (or facilities) or wish to expand an existing one(s)

Whatever your situation, you can count on Meridian to be a knowledgeable, responsible financial partner who truly understands your business—and respects your bottom line.

Options Tailored to Your Individual Needs and Goals

We tailor our capital solutions to fit your individual needs and goals. The range of options we can provide include:

  • Equity joint ventures: Meridian invests as much capital as needed to acquire or develop real estate for your practice. Together, we form a limited liability corporation (LLC) or partnership (LP), which sets forth our agreement on such matters as distribution of profits, and rights regarding the sale or transfer of our interests in the joint venture.
  • Debt: Meridian lends funds to you as an owner or purchaser of real estate, like a bank provides a traditional mortgage. We receive periodic interest payments from you and, at the end of the mortgage term, get back the balance of the mortgage principal.
  • Sale/lease-back: Meridian buys your property for an agreed-upon price (based on an objective appraisal), and leases the property back to you. This can be an attractive option for some soon-to-retire veterinarians who wish to “cash out.”


Let’s talk about how Meridian’s real estate investment resources can help you find the right path to take your practice where you want it to go. Contact us today.

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