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Dallas Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital


Project Operating Partner: MedVet Medical and Cancer Center for Pets
Location: Dallas, Texas
Building Size: 38,950 Square Feet
Hospital Size: 24,950 Square Feet

Dallas was a new market for MedVet, and it was determined that there was significant demand for a centrally located veterinary specialty and emergency hospital. Meridian Veterinary Real Estate identified a highly visible and extremely well-located property in central Dallas and acquired the land and approximately 50-year old building. Meridian worked with M+A Architects and MedVet veterinarians and executives to design a new hospital to be housed within the footprint of the original building. The new 26,000 SF hospital is flanked by two 7,000 SF single story retail wings, which serves well for MedVet’s growth and expansion.

The MedVet Dallas hospital was completed in 2019 and features  eight exam rooms, four surgical suites, CT, X-Ray, MRI and central lab. MedVet Dallas provides neurology, cardiology, oncology and surgery services to referring veterinarians.

Meridian provided site selection, design oversight and construction management. Meridian also provided the capital to acquire the property and fund the renovation of the building. MedVet is Meridian’s tenant under a long-term lease arrangement.

Chicago Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Hospital

Chicago Med Vet Exterior
MedVet Chicago Lobby
Chicago Med Vet Wide Shot

Project Operating Partner: MedVet Medical and Cancer Center for Pets
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Building Size: 65,160 Square Feet

MedVet operates a thriving specialty and emergency practice in the Northwest Chicago neighborhood known as Roscoe Village. The existing practice operates in two buildings with a combined area of 26,252 square feet. MedVet Chicago needed a larger facility for its growing practice and turned to Meridian Veterinary Real Estate for assistance. In short order, Meridian identified several potential existing buildings and vacant land as alternatives within an acceptable proximity to MedVet’s current practice. After evaluating the cost of building a new building in Chicago and the potential cost savings realized in a renovation of an existing building, MedVet elected to pursue the renovation and combination of two existing buildings with a combined area of 65,160 square feet.

Once completed in 2019, the new MedVet Chicago hospital will feature 20 exam rooms, six surgical suites, CT, X-Ray, MRI, wet and dry rehabilitation, and a central lab. The attached MedVet Cancer Center will have six exam rooms and provide medical and radiation oncology treatments. 

Meridian provided site selection, design oversight and construction management. In addition, Meridian provided the equity and other financing needed to acquire the property and fund the majority of the renovation costs. MedVet will be the tenant under a long-term primary lease with renewal options. 

Med Vet Chicago

The newly completed MedVet Chicago building. To watch a complete timelapse of the construction process, click here and press the play button.

Central Austin Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospital

Pathway Austin

Project Operating Partner: Pathway Vet Alliance
Location: Austin, Texas
Building Size:  Approximately 12,000 Square Feet

Pathway Vet Alliance is a leading national veterinary management group with over 200 general and specialty practice locations across 33 states. Pathway Vet Alliance currently operates an emergency care and general veterinary practice located in Central Austin, Texas. The existing practice is thriving but space constrained. Additional space will allow Pathway Vet Alliance to expand the emergency care services and add several specialties, enhanced diagnostic capabilities, and advanced treatment options. Due to the lack of available land in central Austin, Meridian identified a well-located existing building that will be transformed into a veterinary specialty and emergency hospital near the location of Pathway’s existing general veterinary practice. Meridian acquired the 12,000 square foot building and began working with Fox Architects of Austin to begin programming Pathway’s flagship specialty hospital in their hometown of Austin.

The project will be completed in 2020 and include nine exam rooms, three surgery suites, CT, X-Ray, and an MRI along with oncology, neurology, and orthopedic treatments. Meridian acquired the building, provided design oversight and construction management. Meridian also provided further equity and financing to fund the renovation and construction costs of the project; Pathway Vet Alliance will be the tenant under a long-term lease with renewal options. Construction will commence in Q4 2019, and the building will be completed in Q4 2020.


Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital of North Texas

the Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital of North Texas, located in Grapevine, Texas

In December 2019, Meridian acquired the Animal Emergency and Specialty Hospital of North Texas, located in Grapevine, Texas. The Specialty and Emergency Hospital operates in two buildings with a combined clinical area of 26,929 Square Feet. The property has eight veterinary tenants under long term lease agreements. Tenants include both national credit operators, as well as very successful multi-practice regional operators. The Animal Emergency Hospital of North Texas was established in 1998 by local veterinarians to provide emergency and critical care services to companion and exotic animals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Affiliated practices within the hospital include Animal Emergency Hospital (operated by Compassion First), Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center (operated by Compassion First), MedVet, Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic, Animal Ophthalmology Clinic, North Texas Animal Rehabilitation, Texas Avian, and Exotic Hospital, and Dallas Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery.

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