The Types of Facilities Meridian Specializes In

As you well know, animal care facilities have unique and exacting needs to support workflow, patient and client privacy, efficiency, technology, equipment, and more.

With our singular focus, Meridian is uniquely qualified to help you create the space your practice needs—in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our expertise encompasses:

  • Specialty and emergency hospitals, with their diverse needs for multiple (and often specialty-specific) exam rooms and surgical suites, intensive care, advanced diagnostic imaging, onsite lab, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Cancer centers, with their specialized needs for sophisticated shielding and radiation security, and the flexibility to accommodate changing technology
  • Primary care practices, with such needs as fear-free features, animal-friendly lobbies, comfort care and euthanasia rooms, kennels and catteries, dog washes and more
  • Boarding facilities, with their unique space needs for various species and special features such as soundproofing, sanitation and more
  • Shelters, with their need to balance aesthetic appeal with functionality, and attention to safety and security, intentional space planning to accommodate future growth, energy efficiency, air handling, water treatment, etc.
  • Training facilities, for both large (equestrian) and small (champion dogs), with their range of specific indoor and outdoor space needs
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Ready to talk about how Meridian’s veterinary real estate expertise can help you design, build and finance the facility you need? Contact us today.

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inside of an animal hospital
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