Why We Do It

When you can combine your passion with a purpose that serves the greater good, you have an immensely fulfilling way to live and work. Meridian takes such an approach in its real estate development and financing for animal care facilities.

Company founder Curt Boisfontaine has always enjoyed creating and building things—taking an idea and transforming it into a reality. He channeled this passion into real estate development and investment, establishing Meridian more than 25 years ago with a focus on healthcare facilities for humans. But it was a life-altering relationship with a Rottweiler named Tutt (short for King Tutankhamun) that shifted Curt’s—and Meridian’s—focus from human to animal healthcare. Tutt was Curt’s heart dog. Sadly, Tutt died of cancer in 2016.

a bronze dog statue in front of a building contruction site

To honor their special bond, Curt rededicated Meridian’s focus to helping pets—by helping veterinary practice owners and other animal care providers design, build, and finance efficient, comfortable and cost-effective care facilities. It’s a shift that is now resulting  in a growing roster of satisfied clients. And it affirms that passion with a purpose is, indeed, a fulfilling way to do business.

vet examining a cat
veterinary office lobby
a vet examining a dog