veterinarian holding a cat
What sets Meridian Veterinary Real Estate apart from other real estate development companies?

First and foremost, we have a dedicated focus on animal care. So, we understand your unique clinical and business needs at a level few other real estate developers can. This means we can tailor a real estate solution from beginning to end that makes operational and financial sense for your specific practice, with the overarching goal of helping you achieve the most efficient clinical setting to improve patient outcomes that also provides a positive client experience for the lowest-possible occupancy cost.

So Meridian can design, build, and finance my veterinary facility?

Yes. When you partner with us, we provide a full-service, end-to-end real estate development solution. We can help you acquire an existing building and modify it to suit your needs, expand or renovate your current facility, or design and build a new facility from the ground up. Learn more about our building solutions here.

Equally important, we have a strong financial capacity and can provide capital for various scenarios including holding your debt, equity joint ventures, or buying your property and leasing it back to you.  Learn more about our capital solutions here.

But isn’t it always better to own my veterinary facility rather than lease?

Not necessarily. In fact, our experience shows that reinvesting practice income in your practice operations (staffing, equipment/technology, new capabilities/capacity) produces far greater returns in terms of practice valuation than investing in real estate. In today’s climate, organic practice growth exceeds the growth expected from a real estate investment—so owning real estate simply doesn’t make sense in many cases.

What if I only need some—not all—of your services?

No problem. Perhaps you only need a financing solution. Or you’d like to avail yourself of our expertise in veterinary facility design and construction. You can use our services on an a la carte basis—you choose how much or how little we’re involved. We’re committed to your success regardless!

Does Meridian have any geographic limitations?

On the contrary! We have national expertise, and an unparalleled network of partners who can execute any transaction, anyplace in the United States. We’ll come to wherever you are, in any one of the 50 states.

Who is the ideal operating partner for MVRE?

As an investor, our goal is to partner with veterinarians and organizations that demonstrate three key qualities:

  • A sincere interest in providing advanced healthcare to achieve better patient outcomes
  • A track record of financial success and effective practice management skills
  • A positive employee culture and experience

More Questions?

Simply ask us. We’re glad to discuss how Meridian’s real estate investment resources can help you find the right path to take your practice where you want it to go. Contact us today.